We're all sweet on Lauren's Bucky Sour!



 Inspired by a love of the nation's favourite tonic wine, and a celebration of Scottish roots. Lauren Carpenter has created a lip smackingly tasty ode to Buckie. 

Not only is this a celebration of Lauren's Scottish heritage, but it's a fantastic debut after a resounding success at her brewing apprenticeship! Lauren took part in Laine's One for All apprenticeship programme: our mission being to include underrepresented groups in the industry.



A sour twist on the classic taste, and a cheeky ABV of 6.1% to emulate it's fortified hero, it offers drinkability in abundance. A complex and nostalgic adult sour, where you can reminisce of cold nights spent with hoods up and questionable hand gestures. 

As always, our small batch specials are available in our North Laine Brewhouse in Brighton, but this will be available across selected Laine pubs too. Get in touch if you're eager to try it and we'll point you in the right direction! 

Oh, and always remember 

The name "tonic wine" does not imply health giving or medicinal properties...