Refugee Radio Brew Day

Last time Stephen Silverwood, founder and chief executive of Brighton's Refugee Radio, came by he told us of the importance of integrating the city's new refugees and migrants into the greater community. Alongside, regular filmmaking, radio programming and hosting regular celebrations of culture, the team at Refugee Radio do exactly this. 



Patrick, pictured here with a glass of our alcohol-free King Limbo, was contacted almost immediately and for the last ten years has found continuous support in the team. They provide assistance in both legal and administrative matters but also, and equally importantly, they arrange activities where those in need can experience local culture and feel included in Brighton's varied and inclusive community.



Stephen brought a small group on Wednesday to experience a proper brewery tour, complete with information on how beer is made, what different styles are popular in the UK, and why the pub still remains the heart of so many British communities. 



We want to thank Stephen and the team, and so we decided to brew a beer together. In true celebration of every one of Brighton's multicultural and diverse citizens, we decided on a Mosaic IPA. A mosaic beer for a truly mosaic city, and it simply wouldn't be Brighton without. 



Keep Brighton inclusive, and let's make sure we do our bit to keep this city as welcoming as it's reputation.