Word <br> Real Lager 4.5%
Word <br> Real Lager 4.5%

Real Lager 4.5%

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Word up, people.  This is a shout out to the soapbox orators at the Speaker’s Corner that once stood near the People’s Park brewery in Hackney.  If they were still around to taste it, we reckon they’d describe this lager as crisp, balanced and wonderfully refreshing.  Or is that just putting Words in their mouths?

4.5% ABV  Allergens: Malted Barley, Wheat 
Hops: Mittlefruh, Perle, Saaz

A real lager, with summer melon and apricots vibe, a hint of spice and beautifully balanced with British malts. A stunningly made crisp British lager.  


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