Sonar Hazy IPA Session Key Keg

Sonar Hazy Session IPA 4.3% ABV
30L Key Keg

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Sonar Hazy IPA 4.3% ABV This hazy session IPA is crisp, light, citrussy and refreshingly drinkable. 

Ideal for parties, weddings, birthdays and BBQs. Enjoy draught beer anywhere with family or friends. The 30L Key Keg pours 52 pints of beer.

YOU…Yes YOU, can now enjoy a pint of Laine @ home without a visit to the pub

KeyKegs are perfect for use with a Lindr or PortaPint draught beer dispensers.

The foil bag in the KeyKeg allows for a much longer shelf life than a normal beer keg, even when connected itv will have 6-8 week shelf life.

KeyKegs are recyclable. Please recycle the empty keg after use!