Mixed Pack <br> Core Range

Mixed Pack
Core Range

When you can't quite decide which of the core range is the best of the best. Which one you want...nay...need? This is probs the best shout - a selection box of our core range. Enjoy.

FYI - these will be subject to availability but will include a mixture of:

- Fader Juicy IPA 5.1% ABV
- Source Pale Ale 4.1% ABV
- Rippa Pale Ale 4.9% ABV
- Word Lager 4.5% ABV
- Mangolicious Pale Ale 4.7% ABV
- Or any of our collaboration beers that we brew with other great breweries (most recently Mobberly, Gun or Mondo).

£14.00 Save £4.00
£25.00 Save £10.88
£42.00 Save £29.76