Birra Cabriole <br> Unfiltered Lager  4.6%

Birra Cabriole
Unfiltered Lager 4.6%

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Inspired by the love of Southern Italy’s coastline, Birra Cabriolè aspires to evoke the feeling of drinking a crisp, refreshing beer at sunset after a long hot day at the beach.

We created a first (unfiltered) lager with the ambition to create a distinct product combining the souls behind Birra Cabriole': the Italian passion for genuine taste and the world known British ability to make great beers. 

Brewed exclusively & available in all Zia Lucia and Berto’s restaurants as well as in Laine Brew pubs across the UK

4.6% ABV 

Allergens:  Malted Barley, Wheat,   


Profile: Refreshing and crisp unfiltered lager. Inspired by Italian taste, designed to be paired with authentic heart-warming food. Hoppy, crispy, refreshing, easy to drink. A recollection of the feeling of a day spent at the seaside.

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