Fader <br> Juicy IPA 5.1%
Fader <br> Juicy IPA 5.1%

Juicy IPA 5.1%

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When the needle hits the dead wax on your favourite vinyl record, you want to spin it again. That’s the inspiration for our Dead Wax Social bar – and for this juicy IPA. With high notes of mango and pineapple against a solid bassline of oats and wheat, Fader is flavour turned up to 11.

5.1% ABV 

Allergens:  Malted Barley, Wheat, Oats  

 Hops: El Dorado, Cascade, Chinook and Centennial 

Profile: A hazy golden appearance with a smooth malt character, crammed with oats and wheat to give the beer the right body allowing all the hops to shine through, leaving a juicy tropical mango and pineapple citrus finish.  

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