Lockdown Lottery!

Sit in & Win with our Lockdown Lottery!
That's right, it's competition time guys. 
We've been having a little think about what we can do to lift spirits, have fun & get some sick content etc, so we thought we would bring you guys in on a little challenge & give you the opportunity to win some awesome prizes. Ergo - Laine's Lockdown Lottery - original, we know. You lucky things.
Here's how it works - we'll give you a challenge which will be posted on social (make sure you're following - Facebook / Instagram) and will showcase our best efforts too. It will usually be pretty creative, so have a think, get involved & submit your entries by using the #LaineLottery & tag us @lainebrewco .
The competition will change Every TUESDAY & SATURDAY (hence - lottery) on these days we will be announcing the winner. They will receive a prize in beer format - 1 can for each day we have been 'working' from home. So the first draw will be Tuesday (43) etc etc. If you hadn't already noticed, it's a roll-over...
After each draw, the next competition / task / lottery will be announced & you should probably have a quick brainstorm as to how you will win, before creating that sick content we will repost. Tag us, @ us, love us. 
Oh, & FYI, every WINNER from each week will be put into the lottery for the end of lockdown. Which will be a mega prize - 1 can for each day we've stayed home, a brewery tour, merch, bottomless brunch for 4 at one of our awesome pubs & probably something else we think of at a later date.
***All participants will be given a discount code for entering, because we all deserve a little bit of joy - right?***