About Us



Born out of the creative and inspirational beer scene of Brighton, Laine Brew Co beers are an art form in themselves – each one a playful composition of flavour, inventiveness and good times.  They’re unfiltered, unpasteurised, uncompromising – and unique.

 We create highly individual and authentic craft beer which is accessible to all, and tastes so damn good! Our core range is focused on consistent, sessionable beers and supported with some awesome, locally inspired designs (think Brighton Skyline guys). We also brew short run, specials and collaboration beers at our North Laine Brewhouse. These are our limited edition wild, weird and wonderful beers that are all a little bit different but brewed just as lovingly as our core range! 

Our main brewery is in Sussex, and our Brewpub is in Brighton at the
North Laine Brewhouse.