WORD LAGER - 4.5% - Core Range - Laine Brew Co

WORD LAGER - 4.5% - Core Range - Laine Brew Co

Word Lager - and a proper lager at that, not just a pale ale by another name or something super mass produced.  It's a well balanced, beautifully made and super refreshing lager, perfect for a summer's day, or any other day too really. We're pretty proud of this one if you couldn't already tell...

The beer itself was born in Hackney, in our People's Park Tavern brewpub! This is where the beer also gets it's name - Word - from the speakers corner which was really close to the pub in Victoria Park. If you haven't heard of it look it up, all about celebrating the freedom of speech which we are ALL ABOUT. Power to the people and let the good times roll.


DESCRIPTION Refreshing, crisp & beautifully balanced - enjoy every, last drop.
ABV 4.5%
HOPS Huell Melon, Perle, Saaz
SIZE 330ml, 5L, 20L, 30l

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