SOURCE PALE ALE - 4.1% - Core Range - Laine Brew Co

SOURCE PALE ALE - 4.1% - Core Range - Laine Brew Co

Source Pale Ale is the craft beer that started it all off for us!

When we first got going, we set out with the intention create a beer which would taste great, encapsulates that unique & creative Brighton vibe and basically make everyone as happy as Larry - which is what we created! And so named 'Source', our first beer was born and is now a firm favourite!

It's a beer for every day, without being an everyday beer. You'll be as happy as can be tasting this on your 30th try as you were on your 1st! It's packed full of hoppy flavours and aromas, backed by a gentle maltiness. 

It's a dangerously drinkable beer - you heard it here first.

STYLE Pale Ale
DESCRIPTION Balanced, with a subtle malt body with a slightly spicy pine aroma & flavour.
ABV 4.1%
HOPS Chinook, Columbus, HBC431
SIZE 330ml 5l 20l 30l

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