FADER JUICY IPA - 5.1% - Core Range - Laine Brew Co

FADER JUICY IPA - 5.1% - Core Range - Laine Brew Co

Ohhhhh Fader. This juicy IPA is the latest addition to our beloved core range, with the name inspired by our pals over at Dead Wax Social in the lanes of Brighton.

This beer was brewed with the intent to impress and has delivered. It's a heavy hitter taste wise, without being overpowering! A tropical and citrusy flavour profile, with a light, hazy golden appearance and a smooth malt character. It's also crammed full of oats and wheat, to give the beer the right body, allowing those gorgeous hops to shine through. Yes please! 

DESCRIPTION This IPA has a refreshing, juicy tropical and citrus finish, crammed wit oats and wheat to give the beer a light hazy, golden appearance with a smooth malt character.
ABV 5.1%
HOPS El Dorado, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial
SIZES 330ml, 5L, 20L, 30L

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